Title: In the Night Kitchen

Author: Maurice Sendak

Publication Date: 1970

Publisher: Harper and Row Publishers

Price: $17.99

Number of Pages: 40

Awards: Caldecott Honor Book

Genre/Subgenre: Picture book, Fantasy


Popularity: 5/5

Quality: 5/5

Reader’s Annotation:

One night, Mickey falls out of bed and into the Night Kitchen.


In the Night Kitchen is about a boy named Mickey who falls out of bed one night into the Night Kitchen, where three bakers make a “morning cake” each night. The bakers mistake Mickey for milk and stir him into their cake, until he pops out of the cake and says “I’m not the milk and the milk’s not me.” Mickey builds an airplane out of dough and flies up to a giant bottle of milk, which he gives to the bakers for their cake. The bakers complete their morning cake and Mickey falls back into his bed safe and sound.


This is a fun book, and I think young readers will really enjoy the adventure and imagination of it. The illustrations are wonderful, as are the protagonist’s little quips and quotes.

Why I Chose the Book:

I loved Where the Wild Things Are as a child but had never read The Night Kitchen Before. I wanted to experience more of Maurice Sendak’s work.


Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak

Willy the Dreamer by Anthony Browne

Boy on the Brink by David McPhail

Book Talk Ideas

If you have access to a kitchen at your school or library, have a cake-baking lesson to accompany a reading of In The Night Kitchen. Eat cake and milk!

Discussion Questions

1. If you found yourself in the Night Kitchen, what would you want to make?

2. Is Mickey dreaming, or does he really go to the Night Kitchen? What do you think?


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